The Supremes: Where Did Our Love Go?

The TAMI SHOW (Teenage Music International) back in 1964, was a black and white video of a concert in Santa Monica, CA, with many of the biggest names of the day, and completely integrated with black and white acts, which believe it or not was quite rare at that time.

Jan and Dean emceed the show that was shot in a precursor to High Definition called, "Electronovision" that made the final film much more cinematic when bumped to Kinescope. The TAMI SHOW is best remembered as JAMES BROWN's breakout appearance, millions saw him sing and dance for the first time and he literally stole the show. (Keith Richards later said that the biggest mistake the Rolling Stones ever made was electing to follow Mr. Brown in the show.)

It was also the year of break-through success for THE SUPREMES, whom I had worked with in Bermuda the year before when they were still unknowns, and who had scored 3 hit singles between July and December of that year.

As time goes on we'll visit other TAMI performances. But we'll start with Diana, Mary and Flo -- The Supremes -- doing their hit BABY LOVE in new gowns and wigs.

I should mention that tickets to the Concert were given away free to L.A. area High School students, and the packed house was having a great time seeing an early Rock Concert for free, and watching the filming of what would become the prototype of the Music Video, leading to the founding of MTV. @therealdonrocks

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