Randy Newman: Short People

The wonderful singer/songwriter RANDY NEWMAN is a national treasure. One of the things I've always liked about Randy's work, was his inclusion of tongue in cheek humor, which sometimes people didn't get. A great example was his song, SHORT PEOPLE, from his 1977 album, "Little Criminals."

My wife and I are short people and took a certain amount of umbrage to the theme of the tune at the time, feeling in many ways we were just as good as big people. But eventually we realized that Randy was using our stature for a satire on prejudice, when he pointed out in the bridge the late Glenn Frey sings: "short people are just the same as you and I." (overdubbed later).

hen I saw this official video of Randy recording the song in the Studio it's very obvious he's having fun putting people on...one caveat in the intro Mr. Newman is talking to the camera and the guys in the Control Room and makes a gesture with his hand, the Universal Sign of Ill-Will, and laughing. If you can live with that, you'll love seeing and hearing him sing this great song again. @therealdonrocks

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