Blues Legends: Big Bill Broonzy

Another Blues Legend that helped lay the base for Rock and Roll was named: BIG BILL BROONZY. Big Bill may have been born in 1893, although without written records from that time it's been disputed, but we do know he passed away from Throat Cancer in 1958 at age 65 (Probably cigarettes).

But from the 1920's when he left Lake Dick, Arkansas until the 30's he toured the south playing Country Blues to mostly Black audiences. Then, Big Bill transitioned into Urban Blues that were popular in the working class areas of Chicago and Detroit.

But in the early 50's when the American Folk Music tradition was beginning to grow, he returned to Folk Blues and became an international star performing traditional Folk Blues songs, many of which he had actually written himself.

During his lifetime, Broonzy copyrighted over 300 songs--a virtual history of American Blues Music. He played with Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee and others, and playing Jazz and Folk Clubs in England.

Big Bill was instrumental in bringing the American Blues tradition to the U.K., where it influenced many of the bands that would go on to the British invasion of the U.S. of the early 60's.

In 1980 Big Bill Broonzy was inducted into The Blues Hall of Fame in the initial class of 20 Legends, many of whom he had influenced in their playing and singing. Here's Big Bill Broonzy in a fine film clip from 1956 playing guitar and singing Live, WHEN DID YOU LEAVE HEAVEN, with good audio. @therealdonrocks

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