Dan Fogelberg: Leader of the Band

We've had a few requests to TDR that we feature one of the great singer/songwriters of the late 70's and 80's, the extremely talented DAN FOGELBERG. Dan had already built a devoted following in the mid-70's, but hadn't been able to release a popular album, then in 1977 no-less than Joe Walsh produced Dan's breakthrough album, SOUVENIRS, that contained his lovely song, "ILLINOIS."

Fogelberg's music was an interesting combination of Jazz, Folk and a touch of bluegrass, and he was popular on the FM AOR stations, and the Adult Contemporary radio outlets. He had three significant hit songs in the early 80's, "Longer'', "Leader of the Band," and "Same Old Lang Syne."

Dan treasured his privacy and for 25 years lived in a secret location in Maine that wasn't revealed to after his death as Deer Isle, overlooking Eggemoggin Reach. In 2004 Fogelberg was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, but after treatment in 2005 he announced the disease was in remission and he'd consider returning to performing.

Sadly, the Cancer returned in 2007, and he died at home on Deer Island at age 56. One of Dan's most popular songs was "Leader of the Band," a song he wrote about his musician father and mentor, and we found this beautiful video from 1991 of him singing it Live in Concert with excellent picture and sound, and still in good voice. @therealdonrocks

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