Scott McKenzie: San Francisco

It was 1967 and the Flower Power Movement was in full bloom on the West Coast, especially in the Bay Area, where kids from all over the country were descending on San Francisco. At that point there was a lot of pot and LSD was often given away free, but the atmosphere was Love and Peace and a lot of the hippy girls would walk up and hand you a flower with a big smile.

Papa John Phillips wrote a song to promote the coming Monterrey Pop Festival which would introduce some of the new Rock Stars including, Jimi, Janis and The Who, among others. Scott Mckenzie was an L.A. singer/songwriter, and a friend and sometimes colleague of Phillips who was going to produce it, and John chose him with his pretty voice to sing it: SAN FRANCISCO (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair).

Like a lot of stuff Papa John did when he was straight and sober it was a big success and took the message of the coming Concert to radios nation-wide. Scott found this clip from the Concert Film of Scott McKenzie singing what would be his only hit to the assembled masses on a lovely Northern California evening with pristine picture and sound. @therealdonrocks

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