Leonard Cohen: Suzanne

Scott found a rare video of LEONARD COHEN, singing his song SUZANNE, that had been a hit back in the day for Judy Collins. It's impossible in this space to even skim over the life and work of this son of Montreal, Quebec, so I'm just going to talk a little about him. He was brilliant, a star at Canada's McGill University (Their Harvard) and spent his earlier years writing and performing poetry until he found that he couldn't make much money doing that, so Leonard became a singer/songwriter.

His songs were in demand by other artists and he had his own audience, especially romantic and intellectual young women who worshiped at his feet during his shows. Lenny was a chick-magnet and some of the most beautiful and famous ladies of the 60's and 70's kept him company.

A deep thinker, Mr. Cohen spent his middle years studying the world's religions, and even became a Buddhist Monk and assistant to the roshi (teacher) Joshu Sasaki at the Mount Baldi Zen Center in California, but after all the searching Cohen identified himself as still a Sabbath-Observant Jew. Leonard Cohen had an interesting change in his voice in the early 2000's, it became progressively deeper, and completely changed his singing style.

After coming down from his stay on the Holy Mountain he discovered that most of his money was gone, stolen by his business manager. So he embarked back on tour from 2008-2010 to make some money, which it did, but something else happened, his shows in London were recorded for a Live Album, that swept up the charts...and took him to a level of fame he never had enjoyed as a young performer.

That prompted me to post this rare clip of Leonard Cohen, probably in his 30's with his original voice, singing "Suzanne," especially for folks who have never seen or heard him back in the day, his long-time fans will love it. @therealdonrocks

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