The Kalin Twins: When

I never thought we'd see The KALIN TWINS in HD doing their hit WHEN in 1958 again, but we have it right here. First, some background, I know a lot folks weren't even born when The Twins became the prototype "One Hit Wonders," but I think they too will find the song fun.

The Twins were identical, even their voices, and it's kind of weird watching them perform together. Harold and Herbert Kalin, known to friends as Hal and Herbie, had released a couple of stiff records that went no where, and their manager knew all they needed was "The Song," if he could fine it, they could sell it on vinyl.

One day going through a pile of demos he finally heard what he was looking for, a song called, "When" by a couple of fairly obscure songwriters, Paul Evans and Jack Reardon. (This tune alone turned their lives around). It was an almost instant hit, the kind of thing Pop Radio was looking for at the time, White Bread music like the kind made by Pat Boone.

"When" went to #5 in the U.S., but in the U.K. it was a super-smash staying on the Charts for 18 weeks, five at #1, and sold over two million records. But alas, the boys could not find a follow-up hit and eventually returned to their day jobs and attended college.

"Hal" died in 2005 in an automobile accident at age 71, and "Herbie" joined him on the Other Side the following year from a heart attack at 72. Thanks to this beautifully restored clip of The Kalin Twins singing, "When." they can live on forever. Check out their almost mirror-image likenesses, and their overdone hand movements that were really distracting. @therealdonrocks

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