The Soul Stirrers: I'm a Soldier

Talking about Roots of Rock we've taken a pretty deep dive into The Blues, although there's much more to come, and we also visited Sister Rosetta Sharp, a Gospel Singer that played a hot guitar. The male Gospel Groups also have had an influence on Soul Music, Doo-wop, and especially the early Motown recordings.

One of the premier Gospel Quartets who performed with changing personnel for over 80 years were called THE SOUL STIRRERS, and when they came to town to perform, often at a big African American Church, the venues would be filled to capacity with joyous followers of the Lord rocking and rolling in their own way.

Scott found this really well preserved DVD Video of the group in the late 50's or early 60's singing the Gospel favorite, "I'M A SOLDIER," with crisp, clear sound. @therealdonrocks

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