The Beatles: Hey Jude

TDR BEATLES BONUS: Scott has found a rare video of THE BEATLES performing HEY JUDE live on TV around 1968, it was one of their few performances after the mid-60's. The setup is the David Frost Show in Britain, and the lads cut up a bit before falling into performance mode.

The song was originally titled "Hey Jules" and written by McCartney for John's son Julian when he was suffering over his parent's divorce. Couple of notes: even now I'm amazed at how well the group could recreate the sound of their recordings without studio tricks or additional instruments. John is chewing gum while singing, something he often did that didn't seem to hurt his vocals at all.

Stay with it until the end, I believe those are some Beatles friends and relatives helping out with the na-na-na-NANA-NAHs. If you feel like doing some na-na-na-nahhhss yourself, crank it up! The Sound Is Close to Perfect, and I found myself singing along. Two are gone-Two are left, and their music holds up incredibly well. So bless John and George's Rock and Roll souls, and may they rest in the Cosmic Peace. Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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