The Emotions: Best of My Love

Starting in the mid-70's there were some very popular Female groups like the EMOTIONS, who were a side project of the incredibly talented Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire. The Emotions were 3 sisters from Chicago, Wanda Hutchinson, Sheila Hutchinson and Jeanette Hutchinson, who under White's direction released two albums in 1977-78, "Rejoice" and "Sunbeam."

The single from "Rejoice," BEST OF MY LOVE, produced by Maurice and Clarence McDonald, went #1 on the Pop Chart and stayed at the top for five weeks, establishing the girls as major artists. Over the next few years they worked around life changes, like Jeanette having a baby and bringing in their younger sister Pamela to sing and tour in her place until she returned the next year.

Then, in 1979 the Emotions working with Earth Wind and Fire scored a second Top 10 hit with "Boogie Wonderland" cashing in on the new Disco craze. But now we're going to watch the Emotions on The Midnight Special in a beautifully restored video from 1977, doing their Mega-Hit, "Best of My Love" Live. Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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