Lightnin' Hopkins: Rainy Day In Houston

One of the great Blues Singers and Guitarists, Lightnin' Hopkins (Sam John Hopkins), was inspired to become an artist when he saw Blind Lemon Jefferson at a church picnic in Buffalo, Texas, at 8 years of age. In years to come Blind Lemon would allow the young Hopkins to play with him at similar events, the only other guitar player he ever gave that honor.

Lightnin' Hopkins developed a personal "Finger" guitar style from playing for years solo without a band: playing Bass, Lead and Percussion (tapping and slapping the body of his guitar to simulate drums) simultaneously, for a very distinctive sound. Lightnin' served some time in prison, and was truly a "Ramblin' Man," in the tradition of the itinerant musicians of the day.

All this has led up to our playing a video of Lightnin' singing RAINY DAY IN HOUSTON--the town where Lightnin' Hopkins died of esophageal cancer in 1982 at age 69. We prefer to show the artist performing. However, none appear to be available - so please enjoy this excellent audio-only clip. @therealdonrocks

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