The Captain & Tennille: Love Will Keep Us Together

The Captain & Tennille is one of the most successful non-rock groups to come out of the Golden Age of Rock & Roll. Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille discovered their musical spark as performers on a Beach Boys tour. They began performing as a duo at the Smokehouse Restaurant in Encino (a spot I spent some time in back then), where they discovered and signed to the prestigious A&M records.

Then the magic happened: their first record, LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER,shot to #1 on the Top 40 Chart in 1975. The tune, penned by Neil Sedaka and Howie Greenfield, become a solid gold smash, selling millions a radio mainstay. The Captain and Tennille were bona fide stars and would go on to have at least two more #5 Hits, "Shop Around" and "Muskrat Love."

They were together all the time, so it made sense for them to get married in November of 1975. The couple's great success in recordings led ABC TV to offer them their own show a year later, but after one season they wanted to get back to their first love, recording and touring, and asked ABC to release them from their contract which was settled amicably.

The Captain and Tennille had 4 Gold and 1 Platinum albums between 1975 and 1979, and 10 Top 50 singles. In 2014, Toni Tennille filed for divorce after 39 years of marriage. Toni said that he had health issues including a Parkinson's like disease called "Essential tremor" and could no longer play was later discovered that he had not used his medicine properly, and was able to play once again, but they were a couple no more, although still speaking.

Fun Fact: Toni Tennille joined the Beach Boys tour on keyboards for a year, and became known as "The Only Beach Girl." Here they are in happier times on Live TV with a banging drummer doing ironically, "Love Will Keep Us Together," with beautiful video and Stereo Sound. @therealdonrocks

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