Remembering Tom Petty

I'm writing this on Tues, Sep 3, a day after we learned Tom Petty had passed away. The confusion around Tom's death was very confusing, although he had no brain waves and had stopped breathing when he arrived at the hospital, but the way I understand it a Doctor has to "Call it with a time check," and that hadn't happened for some reason causing the conflicting stories and making the news even more hurtful for his family and the millions who loved Tom Petty and his music.

66 may sound old to the young people, but today most folks are still vital and active at that age as Tom was, and he was talking about taking some time off from recording and touring to spend with his grandchild. So on Thursday, September 21st Tom and The Heartbreakers played the final show of his last tour at the Hollywood Bowl, by all reports it was a magical evening with the audience singing along and the band in great spirits.

Fortunately there is video of that Concert and as a special remembrance of this great artist we're posting the last song he sang in public, and one of his most beloved compositions, AMERICAN GIRL. This is a fan's video and the picture and audio are a bit shaky, but that kind of makes it even more special, like being there. @therealdonrocks

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