The Tremeloes: Silence Is Golden

THE TREMELOES have a fascinating story; they were founded in 1958 in Essex, England (near London) by Lead Vocalist Brian Poole, with Rick West (Lead Guitar), Alan Blakley (Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards), Alan Howard (Bass), and Drummer Dave Munden.

They were influenced by Buddy Holly and the Crickets and created a similar sound (without Buddy's voice). So in 1962 Decca Records was looking for a "Beat" group and auditioned the Tremeloes, and then brought in a second group to that also admired Buddy and the Crickets called, The Beatles. In an incredibly bad decision, they chose to sign Brian and the Tremeloes because they were near-by and The Beatles were in far off Liverpool.

Without the advantage of a writing team like Lennon-McCartney, Peter and the boys did covers of mostly American hits starting with "Twist & Shout in 1963 which made #4 on the U.K. charts, followed by a cover of the Contours', "Do You Love Me," which was a #1 in the U.K.

All the hits made them very popular in Britain, but they remained unknown in the the States. Then, Brian Poole, who thought he could break through in the world market as a Solo left the group and they became The Tremeloes "without Brian Poole." And guess what happened then...They covered the 'B' side of a Four Seasons' record called, "Silence Is Golden."

They had a home run that went to #1 in the U.K. and #11 in the U.S. Hot 100, selling over a million discs world-wide, going Solid Gold, and adding to the pile of cash that writers, Bob Crewe & Bob Gaudio were already making off of Frankie Valli and the gang. What about Peter you ask? Well that side of the story is not as uplifting, try hard as he could Peter couldn't get arrested as a solo artist watching his former mates boarding that BOAC Jetliner to the U.S.A.

Meanwhile "Silence Is Golden" would be The Tremeloes only big American hit, but they continued to have chart hits in the U.K. and toured widely; I'm told that there's some version of the group still out there on the road today. So let's go back to 1967 and see The Tremeloes doing their signature song Live in High Quality sound and color video. @thedonrocks

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