The Teddybears: To Know Him Is To Love Him

TDR-Groove Yard Artists and Song: THE TEDDYBEARS and TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM. After Phil Spector graduated from Fairfax High in L.A. he was obsessed by the words on his Father's Tombstone, "To Know His Is To Love Him" and wrote a song with that lead. He formed a singing group called "The Teddy Bears" with: Phil Spector, The Lead Singer Annette Kleinbard and Marshall Leib. They went into the Gold Star Studio in Hollywood and recorded the tune with studio musicians including the great drummer Sandy Nelson, who would have a hit of his own soon called, "Teen Beat.". Phil did the session and cut the record for $75.00.

"To Know Hit Is To Love Him" was released on the DORE Label,(dorrie) a spin-off in 1958 of Lou Bedell's and his cousin Herb Newman's ERA Records that had a couple of hits including: Gogi Grant's Smash "The Wayward Wind." "To Know Him" was out for a couple of months and they were about to give up when Phil got some airplay, I want to say on KRLA, but it might have been another station, no one remembers. Then it literally exploded, touched the teenage heart and was a great "Ladies Choice" at the Hops. It ended up spending 23 weeks on the Hot 100, Top 10 for 11 weeks, and at the Tippy Top #1 for 3 weeks... then it became a global hit. "At 19 years old, Phil Spector had written, arranged, played, sung, and produced the best-selling record in the country."

It wasn't long before Tin Pan Alley was calling and Phil moved into the Brill Building, and was noticed because he wore sun-glasses inside and at night and skinny tailored suits, he was a Prototype Hipster. After Phil folded the group the other Teddy's didn't go along with Spector to New York , Harvey Goldstein became a CPA, and Annette changed her name to Carol Connors and became a song-writer with credits like "Hey Little Cobra" and the Rocky Movie theme.

So here are the Teddy Bears back in the day, the Kinescope is faded but it's worth watching to see Phil's hair, the audio is pretty good for 60 years old. So wallow in nostalgia and a tip of my wig to Scott for digging this up. @therealdonrocks

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