Van Halen: Dance The Night Away

TDR Rock Stars: VAN HALEN. Our rocker friends have been feeling a little left out recently, so I decided to tackle Van Halen, one of the Premier Bands of the 80's. The original lineup was: Guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Vocalist David Lee Roth, Drummer Alex Van Halen, and Bassist Michael Anthony.

In 1985 Roth would be replaced by Sammy Hagar and in 2005 Eddie's son Wolfgang replaced Anthony. (To go any deeper into the coming and going of members over the years would just be a Fool's Errand.) Van Halen hit their in peak in 1984 with the album titled: "1984," driven by the Hit Single, "Jump" that would be their one and only #1, while the album sold over 12 million in the U.S. alone.

In 1985 Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth and while he was front man the band released four #1 Albums over the next eleven years. Hagar left the band just before the release of their first Greatest Hits disc, and was replaced by Extreme's Gary Chrerone who would leave two years later in 1998 after the album he sang on "Van Halen III" was considered a failure.

Then Hagar came back in 2003 for a world-wide tour and left again in 2005. Then Roth returned for the 2006 Tour which became one of the highest grossing of the year indicating that the fans wanted to see David Lee front the band again.

The last change in this piece was Michael Anthony's leaving, basically fired, and replaced by Wofgang in 2012.

Van Halen is in the Top 20 of Bands in U.S. History selling 56 Million Albums, and being one of only Five Rock Bands to have 2 Studio Albums sell more than 10 Million copies in this country (Other bands biggest sellers are often Live and Greatest Hits releases), and world-wide they've peddled over 80 Million units...they are very rich and live like it.

I've avoided talking about the drug problems, internal fighting and other crazy stuff that happened in the group, there are similar stories about many bands, but the good news is the current configuration appears to be living right and enjoying their fame and fortune. Van Halen was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

For the Van Halen Tribute Video Scott has selected the Official Music Video "DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY," with great Live Picture and Sound. Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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