Van Morrison: Jackie Wilson Said

TDR-Classic Artist and Song: VAN MORRISON and JACKIE WILSON SAID. My personal music collection, now all digitized, is heavy with Singer/Songwriters: Dylan, Beatles, Bruce, Stones Paul Simon and Sir George Ivan (Van) Morrison, OBE. Van (The Belfast Cowboy) has a long list of musical compositions and his personal mix of Soul, R&B and Jazz makes for a delicious stew of memorable tunes. Born with the music in him, he expressed it professionally as a teen in the late 50's playing Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards and Sax in various Irish Bands playing covers of the hits of the time.

In the mid-60's Morrison put together the Blues-oriented band, THEM (based on the movie title) who had Three Chart hits, "Baby, Please Don't Go", "Here Comes the Night" and "Mystic Eyes." Van then wrote and sang the Garage Band Anthem, GLORIA, which became an international hit.

He decided to go Solo and came under the guidance of the legendary producer, Bert Berns, who produced the single, "Brown Eyed Girl," that took 22 takes to capture, but when released in 1967 topped out at #10 on the Hot 100 and became the most requested song in his career and really had legs. In 2007 "Brown Eyed Girl" was the 4th most requested song of deejays in the U.S., 40 years later.

I'm going to leave Van for now, his story is complicated and involves him being blackballed by his record company, lawsuits, and yet still producing a lot of good music to say nothing of his Knighthood. He's back now, but those years left a bad taste in his mouth for the Music Industry. Good Videos of Van Morrison in Live Performance are hard to come by, but Scott found a really Cool Clip of "Van the Man," singing "Jackie Wilson Said" live at Rockpalast in Germany, with a Hot Band and excellent picture and sound. Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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