The Supremes: Stop In The Name of Love

THE SUPREMES and STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE. I thought it would be fun to see Diana, Mary and Flo reaching the peak of success in 1965 singing Live, "Stop In The Name Of Love." The clip is from the old Hollywood Palace TV Show and quite well preserved both visually and sound-wise, but retains the time code, which often would be used for editing and timing purposes, a distraction but sometimes we get those. We've talked before about the "Charm School" or "Finishing School" as the Label preferred to call it, run by a wonderful lady named Maxine Powell who passed away in 2013 in at age 93.

The story was that Barry was trying to overcome a prejudice that he felt black artists suffered in getting Club Gigs, TV appearances and Top 40 Airplay. So he brought in a lady who was the epitome of "Class" to teach the artists the way to speak properly and present themselves. There also was a Seamstress to create their Costumes, and Choreography training. So here they are, three young ladies from the projects who in just a few years became glamorous artists with a string of hit #1 Records.

Note the gentle swaying of their bodies in Evening Gowns and Opera Gloves, the perfectly coiffed wigs and perfect diction. It worked folks, Motown Acts would play some of the biggest Night Clubs of the time, including The Forty Thieves Club where I emceed in Bermuda. To this day, I can still remember the chill down my spine the first time I heard Diana's voice, it was the way an angels voice might sound whispering in your ear. Wow, I thought, they're going to be huge. @therealdonrocks

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