The Guess Who: These Eyes

TDR-Classic Group and Song: THE GUESS WHO and "THESE EYES."Time for a tip of the TDR Fedora to our friends in Canada with this tune by one of the countries biggest Rock Bands, The Guess Who? (the question mark would soon be dropped).For our purposes the band had two major musicians, Burton Cummings, Keyboards and Vocals, and Randy Bachman, Guitar who's next project, Bachman Turner Overdrive, "BTO," would also find fame and fortune with slightly harder rock.

What I really want to talk about is how much one Canadian Radio Station, CKLW in Windsor, Ontario, on the other side of the International Bridge from Detroit had on the music business. The 50,000 watt "Big 8's" location spread it across the Great Lakes, from Buffalo to Cleveland and beyond, making it as important for airplay as the powerhouse WLS in Chicago that covered the mid-west. The secret was one lady, Music Director, Rosalie Trombley, who had "Great Ears."

If Rosalie thought your record was a hit she'd play it, and that led to a wall of Gold Discs and high ratings on both sides.Sometime back then, it's getting fuzzy now, the Canadian Government instituted requirements that a percentage of Canadian of songs played on their Radio Stations should have "Canadian Content," which was extended to the song-writer, producer, etc... For some Canadian Bands it was a real gift, some whom might never have been heard in the U.S., like "The Five Man Electrical Band" would probably never had been heard in the U.S. otherwise.

I should also add that some of the great American deejays plied their trade in Windsor, including Tommy Shannon who stayed on for his career. the U.S. based Record Promoters would make CKLW a must stop when calling on Detroit Radio Stations. In 2016 Rosalie Trombley was awarded Canada's prestigious Juno Award.What this has to do with "The Guess Who," is that many Americans may have heard Burton Cummings great pipes for the first time, along with many others, like Bob Segar and Gordon Lightfoot.

A Record Producer named Jack Richardson contacted "The Guess Who"about doing a Coca Cola promotion, and liked their work so much he made a deal to work with them and mortgaged his house to make an album titled "Wheat Field." It included the single "These Eye's" that went Top 10 on the U.S. Hot 100, sold over a million discs and was awarded a Gold Record. "The Guess Who" were becoming known, and would release 15 albums between 1965's "Shakin' All Over," to "Power In The Music" ten years later.

The Guess Who were inducted into The Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1987 and in 2002 the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.For the TDR Tribute Video to "The Guess Who," we've selected a Live Performance clip of the band doing their first hit, "These Eyes" in 1968 with excellent audio and video. @therealdonrocks

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