The Honeydrippers: Sea of Love

TDR-Quicky: THE HONEYDRIPPERS and SEA OF LOVE. Robert Plant has had an incredible career, starting with the Led Zeppelin, then The Honeydrippers, soulful Rock, and amazingly a great album with Allison Krause. Scott found an excellent video of Plant doing "Sea of Love" in 1985, and I decided to post it with a few comments.

Robert had always wanted to work with a band with a Heavy Rhythm and Blues base, and formed The Honeydrippers as a side project. The members included his bandmate in The Zep, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck who had been in The Yardbirds with Page. They filled out the group with various session musicians and friends. The sessions were reportedly fun and fast thanks to love of the great old songs.

The Honeydrippers released their first and only record in 1984, an EP, "The Honeydrippers, Vol 1." One of the songs on the EP was a cover of Phil Phillips 1959 Hit, "Sea of Love," that had gone #3 Pop and #1 R&B. The Honeydrippers version also went to #3 on the Hot 100 in 1985. Although Plant announced he'd produce a full "Honeydrippers" album after the success of the single, it was never to be...Led Zeppelin kept him and Page really busy. Fun Fact: The name came from Roosevelt Sykes, an American Blues Singer who's nickname was "Honeydripper."

The video produced with the sweet spot of MTV in mind, is done in Lucious Color with HQ sound; Plant is Lip Syncing to a track that would have been impossible to reproduce Live, but for a production like this is part of the charm. This is one that will ring bells in your memory bank. Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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