With the cold weather around the U.S. sending everyone shivering, I thought looking back at the Boys from the Beach might warm us up a bit. I'm not going to go into the craziness that became the Beach Boys, the Wilson Brothers dad Murray the Madman, the tragic loss of two brothers and the fighting with-in, much of it Mike Love versus let's just have some fun with them.

The writing of "I Get Around" was originally attributed to Brian only, but in later years Mike Love sued to have his name on the lyric sheet too because he swore that the phrase, "Round, Round, I Get Around" was made up by him in the Studio and he won. It was on May 11, 1964, that the boys went into United Western Recorders in Hollywood to cut the tune along with "Little Honda."

Members of the Beach Boys were: Al Jardine – Harmony Vocals-Bass Guitar, Mike Love – Lead, Harmony Vocals, Brian Wilson – Chorus Falsetto Lead, Harmony Vocals; Piano; Harpsichord; Hammond B3 Organ and Genius, Carl Wilson – Harmony Vocals; Electric Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Dennis Wilson – Drums and Harmony Vocals.

The boys were supported by the "Wrecking Crew" members: Hal Blaine – Timbales with Brush, Rim with Thin Stick, Glen Campbell – 6-string Electric Bass Guitar, Ray Pohlman – 6-string Electric Bass Guitar (2 Basses created heavy underbeat). Chuck Britz was the engineer and had to put up with Murray ranting in the Control Room about how incompetent his son was...and that son, Brian Wilson, Producing.

Murray's kibitzing prompted Brian to fire his Father as Manager, he later explained, "We love the family thing – y'know: three brothers, a cousin and a friend is a really beautiful way to have a [Rock] Group – but the extra generation can become a hang-up. A lot of folks in the business thought Murray literally drove Brian crazy.

Well at least he was crazy enough that "I Get Around" zoomed to the Top of The Hot 100 on July 4th, 1964, it was The Beach Boys first #1 and they knocked Peter and Gordon's, "World Without Love" out of the Top Spot. They remained up there for two weeks until The Four Seasons' "Rag Doll" replaced it. Billboard's Year End Roundup had "I Get Around" the #5 Song of 1964.

Scott found a great clip from the legendary TAMI SHOW of The Beach Boys as they hit their peak singing and playing their #1 Hit, "I Get Around," Live, kinda makes me miss the beach in the warm Summer...Hot Stuff.

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