Supergroup Alert: Perkins, Harrison, Clapton, & More

TDR-Multi-Artist Special: CARL PERKINS, GEORGE HARRISON, ERIC CLAPTON and MORE: Rocking the SUN RECORDS MEDLEY. Of the Four Sun Records Stars, the Million Dollar Quartet: Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, the only artist that was successful, but not super successful was Carl Perkins (Carl Lee Perkins) of Tiptonville, Tennessee.

Carl is generally considered one of the greatest Rock and Roll Guitarists of all time, and a pioneer in picking technique. A self-effacing man, when asked if he felt short-changed with the fame and fortune of the others, he's say: "Shucks, I'm just a lucky country boy who was honored to be their friend."Carl wrote "Blue Suede Shoes" ("You can do anything you wanna do, but eh eh baby, stay offa my blue suede shoes").

Sam Phillips had the Presley boy do record it his way and sold over a million copies Lickety Split. But here's the thing; Carl's songs, his guitar playing and singing, were being listened to by future artists in both the U.S. and U.K., and his influence on those future groups and their music was huge. Two of those Guitarists, George Harrison and Eric Clapton, knew every lick Perkins ever picked...and they loved him.So Scott finds this clip of those guys along with some other Perkins acolytes joining him in jamming on some of the great songs that came out of Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee.

Here are Scott's own comments on the clip: "Seven-and-a-half minutes of pure musical joy: "That's All Right, Mama," "Blue Moon Night of Kentucky," "Night Train To Memphis," "Amen," "Glad All Over" (not to be confused with the Dave Clark song of the same name). The band also includes Dave Edmunds and Roseanne Cash. I don't know that I've ever seen George Harrison look happier. This one's a treat."

That's from a man who's listened to and watched to a lot of videos the last few years, and knows what he's talking about.The pictures a bit faded, but the audio is excellent and best played loud. Here's a tip, see how many famous faces you can identify playing along...some nice surprises and a wonderful tribute to a great man. Scott mentioned George's obvious joy, but everybody on the stage was having a Religious Rock and Roll experience... Say Hallelujah and Amen Amen. Carl Perkins died in 1978 of Throat Cancer (probably cigarettes) at age 65.His funeral was attended by the Cream of early Rock and Roll. @therealdonrocks

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