One Hit Wonder: Marmalade - Reflections of My Life

TDR-One Hit Wonder: MARMALADE and REFLECTIONS OF MY LIFE. (The) Marmalade were a band out of Glasgow, Scotland originally named The Gaylords after a notorious Chicago street gang. In the mid-60's playing the Clubs in "Swinging London" (England swing like a pendulum do) they decided to clean up their image and at the advice of the band The Tremeloes, changed their name to (The) Marmalade.

They scored a contract with first Columbia and then Decca Records, but had only one hit Top 10 in the U.S., the haunting, "Reflections of my life," although they had hits in the U.K.The configuration of the band at that time, their most fertile period was 1968-1972, included: Graham Knight on bass, Alan Whitehead on Drums, Pat Fairley on acoustic guitar, and Junior Campbell on keyboards and electric guitars. Dean Ford sang lead vocal and Junior Campbell and Graham Knight provided harmony vocals.

The song was written by Junior Campbell and Dean Ford, and was their first Decca release.Brass and Strings were arranged by Keith Mansfield and the song was produced by Bill Price with Peter Rynston on the board at Decca Studios 1 and 2 in West Hempstead, London.

I know this kind of detail isn't interesting to some, but we have a lot of musicians following us and they often like to hear where things were done and who was in the session at the time. The song features Junior Campbell's famous "reverse guitar solo," a sixteen bar measure, that was quite new then. Basically the 8 Track tape was turned over and Junior played against his previous recording, it creates an interesting effect, keeping with the slightly mystical theme of the song.

The recording, "Reflections of my Life," went to #3 in the U.K., and in the U.S., #10 on the Hot 100 and #7 on the Cashbox Chart. In the end it has sold over 2 million units and was Solid Gold. Groups using the Marmalade name are active until this day playing on the oldies circuit, although Graham Knight, the last original member finally hung it up in 2010.

Scott found the original official video of Marmalade performing their big hit Live in 1969 with good picture and amazing HQ sound, the drums jump out at you with a nicely premixed track.@therealdonrocks

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