Blondie: Heart of Glass

TDR-Classic Artist and Song: BLONDIE and HEART OF GLASS. It must have been around 1978 that I was working Radio in St. Louis with our Distributor's two hot-shot Promo Guys: Greg Hagglund and Charlie Scott. (Going around with the local guys paid off in many ways, for one I didn't get lost). We did a dinner with someone and then they said they wanted me to see a new Group they were working that would soon be huge, so we went over to a beautifully restored Theater downtown.

By the time we got stage-side they were already rocking, and I think Gregg said; "They're called "Blondie" Don, and their album, "Parallel Lines" (Cocaine Reference) is flying off the shelves being driven by the hit single, "Heart of Glass."

The band was founded and fronted by the adorable Debbie Harry, a former Playboy Bunny, and her Guitar playing husband Chris Stein in the Mid-70's, and pioneered the New Wave and Punk genre's of music, cutting their teeth at the notorious New York Night Spot, "CBGB.”

If you went there believe me you didn't want to have to go into the bathroom. Debbie's hair, blonde with black streaks, lent it's name to the group and with "Parallel Lines." They broke through and ended up selling 20 Million Albums.The single, "Heart of Glass" written by Debbie and Chris was a smash, going #1 in both the U.S. and U.K. Blondie's mix of Disco, Pop, Reggae, and early Rap started a string of hits that included: " "Call Me", "Rapture" and "The Tide Is High."

So there we were, Greg, Charlie and me, just inside the curtain on her right. I remember well that she was wearing a skin-tight, extra short dress, and at one point looked over at us and I swear we made eye contact, maybe it was the way I was dressed or whatever, but I was mesmerized.

Greg took my arm indicating we had to go and said, "She dug you man." Since her husband was right there also I agreed to split. Scott found an excellent video of Blondie, Live, on The Midnight Special doing their hit, "Heart of Glass," with excellent sound and picture. Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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