The Pointer Sisters: Fire

One of my favorite artists that I represented were The Pointer Sisters, June, Bonnie, and Ruth, from Oakland, California. The thing I remember best about the Pointers was their infectious enthusiasm and love of having fun. There was often a party after the show at their hotel that featured good champagne being drunk directly from the bottle and various other treats.

The sisters were on several different Labels, Blue Thumb, ABC, Planet, RCA, Motown, SBK and Atlantic in their career, but I will tell you that long after they were gone from the company, everyone who had spent time with them was happy to see their continuing success.

The video that Scott found, of Springsteen's song, "Fire," came in 1979 when they were really Hot.The great Producer Richard Perry introduced the girls to the song "Fire," by playing Bruce Springsteen's Single for them and suggested it for their next album "Energy," and Anita said, "It's too low for me: I guess you want Ruthie to sing it" to which Perry replied: "No – I want you to sing it." The song would be much bigger for The Pointer Singers than The Boss, one critic wrote: " Springsteen has created a song that might well have been done by the Ronettes in the '60s, and the Pointers inherit and develop the legacy nicely."

Personnel that Perry brought in for the Session were the Top of the Crop: • Anita Pointer – Lead & Backing Vocals, Rick Jaeger – Drums, Davey Johnstone – Guitar, Ruth Pointer – Backing Vocals, June Pointer – Backing Vocals, Lenny Castro – Tambourine, David Paich – Organ, High Piano and Gerald Johnson – Bass. Perry said that on playback he knew "Fire" would be the albums big breakout hit."Fire" went to #2 on the Hot 100, blocked from the Top Spot by Rod Stewart's, "Do You Think I'm Sexy."

It sold a Million Singles and gave The Pointer Sisters their first Gold Record. It was a worldwide hit going #1 in Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa and New Zealand, and Charting Top 10 in Australia , Austria and Canada

.And, Oh you ask, What did Bruce think? Mr. Springsteen was tickled pink by the Pointers recording of his song, and he let the girls know it, it wasn't about money Bruce had more than enough, it was about having your song given a whole different life by other artists.

For the TDR Tribute to The Pointer Sisters, Scott found a really "hot" video of them in their prime celebrating their first smash Single, "Fire," with a nice opening introduction. Talk about sexy girls having fun.

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